Sanctuary House Ashfield


Sanctuary House Ashfield

Our Bespoke Sanctuary in Ashfield, services the Inner West region of Sydney. Supported by the local community and Managed by Tivoli Group Pty Ltd. Sanctury House Ashfield has 15 rooms ranging from family rooms to single rooms. Meals are provided as is transport to various locations or pick up centres around Sydney. Sanctuary House Ashfield is working closely with private corporations and introducing its new shelter model to the community at large. 


Shelter Support Strength

Sanctuary House Ashfield offers a range of services all inclusive of it's rate. Further additions include Clothing support through Salvation Army; Work Placement: Assistance with Longer term accommodaiton solutions; Case workers to assist in future placement and records. Links to Outreach Programs which can assist in helping clients to secure long term housing. Sanctuary House Ashfield aims to dedicate all of tis efforts to assist clients in finding actionable solutions. 



Volunteers; Corporate and Community Support all play a vital room in the day to day smooth running of Sanctuary House.