Break Free Program

Developing Resiliency

Abused, fearful and suppliant women will have taken a great leap of transformation into being self- confident and resilient people empowered by a strong foundation of mental, emotional and practical capabilities. 

By choosing to BREAK FREE from bad circumstances, these women can open their minds to seeing the big picture, the vision, of the ideal and self-sustainable lifestyle they can now create for themselves free from domestic violence.

Golden opportunities manifest when your mind breaks free from fear and resiliency results! 

The Process

Practices optimize inner mental strength, moral integrity and three-dimensional flexibility to change ‘followers’ and/or victims, into ‘leaders’ by developing inspirational skills to embark on a career guiding and educating other women in the Break Free Workshops. 

By aquiring technical skills women  can open opportunities to find again a passion in any area to explore jobs within any industry. 

Practical awareness of good communicative, health, hygiene and grooming skills can motivate other women into exploring the potential of being a carer for the elderly or disadvantaged. Confidence in use of technology opens a limitless inspiration for growth and development. 

Practical workshops open awareness of how to access the network of information available on the internet and includes the myriad of job opportunities on and within this medium. As all practical capabilities are rooted in the mental and emotional developmental practices of the Break Free program run in Sanctuary Houses, the integration of capabilities and their achievement opens the awareness of worth, value and dignity in each woman.   

A Future Free from Domestic Violence

BF members can choosing to continue their involvement withing the program and become a Workshop Leader. This is is an hourly paid position and adds to financial independence and the self-worth that accompanies helping others through what you have learned and experienced. 

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