The Facts

Break Free


We provide victims of domestic violence with temporary housing and emergency crisis accommodation.

We also provide crisis accommodation to men, women and families facing homelessness. 

We provide meals and clothing within all of our Sanctuary locations.


There are a number of valuable service providers for this sector including community refuge models  and many community and government providers. We aim to only work with providers where we can directly quantify benefits for our clients. We work to a best standard practice alongside government policies. 

We have a valuable outreach program where one of our network members is able to assist any of your enquiries. So reach out - we are here to help.


Sanctuary Housing in Sydney will assist clients to find the Strength and Courage to Break Free from Domestic Violence and/or to find permanent housing.  At our womens shelters in Sydney all of our clients deserve to sleep well at night knowing they are safe, well fed and have a roof over their heads. 

We aim to provide clear exit plans for all of our domestic violence and homeless clientele staying at our womens shelters in Sydney.