Executive Committee

Nicole T. Harcourt (Voychak) M.A Comm.

Founder, Sanctuary Housing Limited.

Founder, Tivoli Group Pty Ltd. 

International Life Coach (ICF).

President, World Alliance of Life Coaches (WAOLC).

Nicole brings to the team, a vast experience in crisis accommodation and knowledge of government and private housing solutions. Well regarded within the Specialist Housing industry, Nicole works closely with community sectors in providing the best solutions for her clientele.

Nicole is further a world reknown Life Coach; Social Activist and Best - Selling Author. As an Expert on Self Improvement Women's Programs, Nicole is a valuable asset to the team.

Simone Pharon BA. Dip. Ed
As Sanctuary Housing's Program Director, Simone brings over 30 years experience in content production and program directing for the Australian Government Education Department. Simone works closely with the women within the Shelter's directing the Break Free Program to help women to remove themselves from their difficult circumstances.

Kim Clarke 

Kim brings over 20 years experience in Charity and Non for Profit organisations.  Recently retired as the  Director of the very large Wind Gap Foundation, Kim now dedicates time to Sanctuary Housing bringing vast experience and know - how to the most effective structure and best practice for non for profit organisations.

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